Coating, Laminating, Impregnation


Clean coating forms the core of the majority of coating plants. The coatings that are generally solvent-free are carried out by means of film application, kiss-roll coating or by means of extrusion coatings as well as curtain coatings. In this case it is essential that the plant’s coating tasks are tailored to our clients' guidelines. JHT GmbH can supply both plants for high grammages at a reduced speed and also small coating weights at high speeds.

Our expertise is reflected by the fine details and is the reason why we can always provide a successful coating. We can provide lots of roller coating methods, slot die methods and doctor blade methods.

Gleichlauf Beschichtung

Synchronous roll coating

Gegenlaug Beschichtung

Reverse roll coating

Gravure roll

Reverse Gravure

Offset Gravur

Metering gap, synchronous roll coating

Metering gap, reverse roll coating

Metering gap, synchronous roll coating

Metering gap, 5 roller system

Metering gap, 5 roller system

Metering gap, 4 roller system

Slot die roller

Slot die kiss

Comma bar

Comma bar, reverse roll

Air knife

Spray coating

Flexo printing

Kiss coating

Doctor Chamber blade



When we use the term “laminating” we mean the adding of a weblike material to another web of material. This can be carried out both by means of a wet and also by means of a dry laminating process. 

We offer our bonding stations for the covering coat for a finishing process or as optional elements by way of a lamination process.


Laminating with adjustable laminating point



If you need to prevent the penetration of moisture you generally carry out an impregnation process. During the impregnation process the substrate is not to be found on the surface of the base material but should achieve a deep action and is therefore inserted into the base material. With our impregnation machinery, we can manufacture the following products



Waxed papers

Oiled paper Impregnated textiles.

Application areas are e.g. carbon fiber applications, sea-proof packaging, tool packagings, impregnated crepe paper.