Welding engineering

We have exceptional welding engineers in the welding engineering field who have been trained in accordance with DVS®-EWF 1173 (welding engineer according to standards set by German Association for Welding and Related Techniques).

We can offer the following services to you:

  • Construction engineering consultancy in the case of steel construction work in areas subject to building supervision during the manufacture and installation and welding work in the AD HP0 field (German pressure vessel code).
  • Constructional consultancy in the case of draughts and drawings of welded construction whilst taking account of the current set of regulations.
  • Production engineering consultancy in the case of the drafting and inspection of production engineering documents such as welding plans, examination sequences plans, WPS (welding procedures specification) and additional documents.
  • Assistance and preparation of your welding certification or welding technology approval according to different standards (e.g. EN 1090, DIN 2303)
  • Welding supervision