Our complete systems consist of both very sturdy series components as well as highly specific specialist solutions. Our product portfolio consists amongst other things of the following machines and plants:

Complete systems

We can provide both, single-sided plants as lab or test coaters as well as full-size production plants up to 2500 working width.

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We construct both unwinders and also rewinders with reel shafts or with a shaftless design. Our winders can reel diameters of up to 1500 mm with a maximum working width of 2500 mm.

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Applicators / Hotmelt applicatiors

We can supply film application devices in conjunction with engraved rollers, provide a curtain coating or deliver spray elements / hot melt coatings.

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Laminating Units

Optionally laminating units to laminate a covering film, a liner or anti-adhesive paper are possible.

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Our dryers are qualified by an excellent heat management, insulation conforming to standards and an operator-friendly design.

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Other items

Nipping sections • Chamber doctor blades • Rollers • Sleeves • Doctor Blades • Areas subject to explosive hazards

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