Other items

Nipping sections
As fixed points in a system our nipping section units are indispensable to ensure web tension that can be controlled well. In this process the advantages of a sturdy design are exploited accompanied by simultaneous fine tuning of the web tension. Our nipping sections are adjusted pneumatically and consist of a pair of steel and rubber rollers.

Chamber doctor blades
Additional components can, for instance, include chamber doctor blades in which the chambers are pneumatically or mechanically pressed against the roller. The chamber is provided with media through a pump ensuring that it is constantly filled. Most established products can be processed with a chamber in 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock position.

If you really want things to run smoothly then you simply have to order your rollers from us. You order both engraved rollers and also rubberised pressure rollers, we can also provide you with steel rollers that are ready for installation.
Our range also includes heating and cooling rollers. We can deliver our rollers single or double walled and chrome plated.

We recommend the use of sleeve technology if you require a rapid, economic replacement when carrying out a system conversion. In this case a sleeve cover is put on a sleeve body just like a sleeve by filling the interior of the sleeve body with air.

Doctor Blades
Our doctor blades can be adjusted pneumatically and are used in those areas where material should be apportioned or removed. These can also be arranged so that they oscillate or run in a regular fashion.

Areas subject to explosive hazards
If your processing requires the use of solvents, then anti-static units such as ionisation rods are used to guarantee the secure discharging of the material web. We can also provide motors and additional components for use in the solvent sector.